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Hey everyone,

It all started with a Discord DM and today, we’re proud to share that we’ve partnered with WowUp, the popular open source addon manager to expand our addon repository and create new opportunities for devs to be compensated for their hard work.

Both Wago Addons and WowUp have the same goal: to create the best user experience possible. Equally important, the WowUp team shares our dedication to maintaining your privacy.

Here at Wago, compensating devs is very important to us - we know how much work goes into creating an addon that so many WoW players rely on. We were upfront about this when speaking with the WowUp team and were happy to learn that they were open to making changes to their client in order to ensure devs were compensated for their work.

What this means for you: If you only use Wago Addons, absolutely nothing - you can still update, install and search addons in the desktop app as you are used to. If you also use WowUp, you will see in the coming weeks that we’re accrediting downloads to Wago so that we can compensate developers. We are doing this through an integration that adds Wago Addons as an addon provider to WowUp.

As an addon developer you might be wondering how we can ensure there’s a sizable pool of funds to distribute when players download their addons through WowUp. The solution is very simple. Users are now able to choose Wago as a provider in the desktop application. This will slightly change the app’s layout because it unlocks Wago’s promotional panel. After that, all downloads through the Wago Provider will be attributed to your share of the monthly rewards.

You can start using it by downloading the recent beta release of WowUp from GitHub: LINK


Wago has always been a community driven project and we want to support community members however we can. Partnering with WowUp ensures our community project continues on and gives the community a choice when it comes to supporting an addon platform.

All the best,
The Wago Team

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